When the Storm Hits, We Help You Hit Back

Storm Hawks; have a unique and extremely powerful 6-phase process to uncover “curtain damage” created by storms and documenting and resolving your claim. When it comes to storms, there is no one better.

Phase 1: Determine Damage &

Deploy The Storm Hawks

  • Deploy Responder Units to ground survey Impact Zone

  • Contact each facility with Damage Maps and Insurance information

  • Follow up with a phone call to ensure you have everything you need

  • Offer to video document each facility (at no charge)

Phase 2: Storm Hawks Meeting & Roof Video Assessment

  • Conduct a video assessment of the roof and any damage

  • Meeting with the Storm Hawks Responder Unit

  • Presentation of the video damage report on an Apple

  • We glance at your policy and quickly determine coverage visually

Phase 3: Storm Hawks Collaborate With Adjuster And Engineer

  • Collaborative effort with your Insurance Company’s adjustor and engineer

  • Get all of the parties involved

  • Work together on the Scope, Procedures, Cost structures

  • Set a schedule of meetings to prove damage and coverage visually

Phase 4: Floating Phase

  • If there is very obvious damage go straight to Phase 5

  • If there is “Curtain Damage” then we do a Storm Hawks Roof Report

  • We provide all of the validations and documentation needed to prove the claim

  • Provide this advanced report to the Adjustor and Engineer via your consent

Phase 5: Construct and Concur

  • Get everyone on the same page by building together

  • Agree on both the project scope and pricing

  • Put a team in place to support the project

Phase 6: Do The Work

  • The end result of each of the phases… SUCCESS

  • You get your roof totally repaired or get a totally new roof

  • Take a look at just a few of the awards our organization has won

  • Watch the video on how we do repairs versus other’s in our industry

Why Storm Hawks?


We come in, find damage, then fix damage. Castro Roofing's mission is to build and mantain long-term relationships with its clients. We go beyond customer loyalty.

3 Myths of Cost


Three Myths You'll Hear from Insurance Adjusters. Even Honest Ones.

Although there are many myths about cost, these three get the point across.

Damage Report Videos


Click the link below for damage videos.

Government Buyer

Federal procurement standards are high and exacting. Over the past 20 years they have developed the most stringent policies and procedures that exceed all federal requirements for on-site project management, environmental issues, safety and insurance procedures.

General Contractor

When selecting a roofing contractor, make sure they measure up to the “Castro Standard” in these critical areas that directly affect whether or not your project is completed by qualified installers at the right price, is done right the first time, and on schedule.


“Turn key” waterproofing analysis annd roofing projects are available from one of the most pre-eminent commercial roofing contractors in all of Texas: Castro Roofing. We went through an exhaustive BuyBoard selection process with the most reputable of roofing contractors and was chosen to service your region. Castro Roofing is ready to handle all of your roofing projects.

Owner / Manager

One of the biggest targets for incompetent contractors is the uninformed building owner or property manager simply because they typically don’t hire roofing contractors on a regular basis. Here’s an easy way to make sure your roofing contractor will fix your roofing problem, Instead of becoming the problem!